'Shri Radhe Guru Maa' - Beauty of the Three Worlds

 Women of light

The evening I saw Radhe Maa I was struck by her heart-stopping beauty and the look in her eyes. They were red, not clear. However, when our eyes met I felt as if it was a child I was looking at. I was surprised when a devotee told me that she had grownup kids who were married. I was reminded of Tripura Sundari, one of the ten wisdom goddesses of Tantra, the beauty of the three worlds, who stands for an idea of divinity as absolute beauty. Radhe Guru Maa’s pictures adorn several billboards across Mumbai owned by a wealthy devotee. I was touched by the love devotees had for Radhe Guru Maa. All of them insisted that my life was about to change because some good deed had brought me to her doorstep. “I have no doubts that big miracles await you,” said one. “She is an avatar. The light of her grace dispels all darkness.”

Her darshan consists of a visit to her 'kutia' which is on a lavishly decorated floor of a building owned by a devotee. She speaks as she pleases. Devotees come with their offerrings, touch her feet and move on while she looks over them kindly. On the day I went for a darshan, the devotees included sadhus, simple village folk in dhotis and rich businessmen with swanky cars. I had to stand for a few minutes after which I was in the lavishly decorated sanctum sanctorum where she sat. After her darshan, I was directed to a langar. The darshan as well as langar is entirely funded by the devotee who hosts her in Mumbai.

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